WWE's Shawn Michaels Calls This Feud The 'Most Intriguing Storyline In NXT History'

As WWE's Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative, Shawn Michaels is tasked with overseeing both the creative and development departments of "WWE NXT." Currently, the "NXT" brand is en route to its biggest event of the year, Stand & Deliver, which will take place at the Wells Fargo Arena in Philadelphia on April 6. It is here that fans will witness the culmination of what Michaels believes to be the most intriguing feud in "NXT" history – Trick Williams vs. Carmelo Hayes.

"I dearly love both those two young men with all my heart," Michaels told "Busted Open Radio". "They have been fantastic. They're a joy to the coaches, and not just me, to everybody in NXT and the [WWE] Performance Center. Obviously, [they] have this spot at Stand & Deliver, as the main event. This is the deepest, most passionate, most intriguing storyline in NXT, and I would argue, in NXT history. This is so deserving of the main event. And these two guys earned it every step of the way. I'm happy that they're getting this opportunity."

While they were once known for their inspiring friendship (dubbed Trick Melo Gang), recent events caused a significant rift between Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes. Last October, Williams fell victim to an assault at the hands of an unidentified assailant, which resulted in him being removed from a number-one contenders match for the "NXT" Championship. Williams would later bounce back with a win at the 2023 Men's Iron Survivor Challenge, securing a future title shot against "NXT" Champion Ilja Dragunov.

Unfortunately for Williams, his title pursuit ended with a heartbreaking combination of defeat and betrayal, as Hayes issued a blindsiding attack on him in the wake of his loss to Dragunov. Now, the former friends will collide in the main event of "NXT" Stand & Deliver.

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