Dragon Lee To Team With Rey Mysterio Vs. Santos Escobar & Dominik At WWE WrestleMania

A week after interference from his estranged son cost him a match against Santos Escobar, Rey Mysterio is seeking to put his issues with "Dirty" Dominik to bed once and for all when he teams up with the newest member of the LWO, Dragon Lee, to take on the team of Dominik and Escobar at WrestleMania.

Escobar thanked Dominik on "WWE SmackDown" for his assistance last week and said that even though he didn't get all that he'd hoped for when he initially took Rey out in November, including an infection and an amputation of his injured leg, because of "Dirty" Dom, he got the next best thing, beating Rey in the middle of the ring. After acknowledging Rey as "the greatest luchador of all-time,' Escobar qualified the comment, saying, "at least he was," before adding, "I outsmarted you, Rey, and all it took was one phone call to a man who despises you just as I do." And with that, out came Dominik.

Rey wasn't far behind, interrupting Dominik's efforts to further besmirch his father's name, hitting the ring with all of the LWO. Rey told Dominik, "I truly believed I was done fighting you, son," before challenging he and Escobar to a match at WrestleMania against him and a partner of his choosing. With the crowd chanting for Carlito, and Escobar inquiring "Which one of these dorks?" toward his stablemates, Rey introduced Lee as the newest member of the LWO and his Mania partner before the factions squared off against each other in a wild fracas that ended with Lee taking out Legado Del Fantasma with a top rope senton to the outside.