CMLL Defeats BCC At Arena Mexico, AEW's Bryan Danielson Issues New Challenge

AEW's Blackpool Combat Club recently competed in the popular Mexican wrestling promotion, CMLL, and clashed with Mistico, Volador Jr., Blue Panther, and Ultimo Guerrero at the Homenaje A Dos Leyendas event. BCC had to replace Wheeler Yuta with Matt Sydal in the match due to the former being injured, which unfortunately led to their defeat, as Sydal would end up tapping out to a submission from Mistico. Despite the BCC losing the match, Bryan Danielson wasn't done with his opponents, and challenged Panther to a match during the next CMLL event at Arena Mexico. The veteran luchador accepted, meaning Danielson will get to have another one of his dream matches become a reality.

Danielson has been very open about wanting to compete against Panther in the past, and during a pre-show press conference, he opened up about his dream match again, suggesting he might have a hair versus hair match against the veteran, but also positing that he'd like to face Mistico in a hair versus mask match.

"Yeah, I mean, honestly, this is one of my biggest dreams in wrestling that I have yet to accomplish, is to wrestle in Arena Mexico, in a Hair vs. Hair or Hair vs. Mask match. I would love for that to be against Blue Panther, but I don't know how much of a chance he stands at this point. So he'll be losing his hair if we do that. Whose mask I'd really like to take, I would love to do Mistico vs. Bryan Danielson, Hair versus Mask," Danielson said. (Per Fightful).