WWE Hall Of Famer Eric Bischoff Assesses Potential Return To The Promotion

Eric Bischoff has been both an enemy and a soldier of WWE in the past, with the former WCW executive joining the company for the first time in 2002. He left WWE in 2007 before returning to the company in 2016, and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2021. But he hasn't been with the company in a full-time capacity since leaving his role as executive director of "WWE SmackDown" in 2019. Bischoff was asked during a recent livestream about whether he would ever return, explaining that he understands the company is far different to when he left. 

"I know enough people inside of WWE that I do stay in touch with, and everybody that I heard from has told me that it's an entirely different environment," he said before addressing why it would be unlikely, "I certainly wouldn't be willing to move anywhere. I love where I live, I've worked my whole life to live in a place that millions of people from all over the world come to visit every summer, that's how beautiful it is here and I love it here. So it's hard for me to leave." Bischoff hasn't really been involved in wrestling, his podcasts aside, for years and was last seen on WWE TV in 2022. Before that, he made appearances for AEW, with Tony Khan crediting Bischoff's leadership of WCW for laying the foundations for his promotion. That relationship has since soured, and it seems like the WWE Hall of Famer is content with not returning to active involvement in the business. 

"I'm always open-minded, certainly would love to work with WWE if it ever made sense," Bischoff remarked. "But I think that train has left the station, particularly given my circumstances and not being willing to move anywhere. So I'm not looking forward to that, I don't anticipate it."