Matt Hardy Discusses AEW Contract Status

Matt Hardy has provided a significant update on his contract negotiations with AEW. Hardy signed a four-year deal with AEW in 2020, brewing speculation over whether he would remain with the company or seek new pastures. Speaking during his "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy" podcast, he revealed that he has received a formal contract offer to re-sign with AEW, but he is currently weighing up his options. 

"I have an AEW contract sitting in front of me for a few years. I'm looking through it; I'm deciding what I want to do going forward," he said. "There's obviously still some options. I've got to make sure I'm aware of the ins and outs of the contract, and I wanna make sure everything is up to par as far as what I want it to be."

Hardy is aware that he has limited wrestling years left and wants to make the most of them. He's happy to have been offered the chance to remain with AEW, but he needs to consider what's on the table. However, he expects to make a decision within the next month.

"Once again, legacy is very important to me, knowing there's only a couple more years left of doing this. Schedule is very important to me because I wanna spend as much time as I can with my family; that is very important. And, once again, just if I am working with Jeff [Hardy], it is very important to me that the Hardys are optimized. It's very important that the Hardys are optimized. It's very important that the Hardys, they go out on a strong note."

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