WWE Star Becky Lynch Shares Her Goals For Women's Wrestling

WWE Superstar Becky Lynch has been a major player in the promotion for quite some time, capturing gold on numerous occasions. However, "The Man" will have another shot at a title at WWE WrestleMania 40 when she takes on Rhea Ripley for the Women's World Championship. In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, she detailed her many goals for women in pro wrestling.

Despite becoming a champion on many occasions and being the face of the Women's roster, Lynch still shifted the focus off herself and expressed her wish that all women in the industry could have opportunities she's had. "That's what women's wrestling needs. We should all be focused on the future of the industry. That's bigger than me."

Lynch then looked back at her many accomplishments in the industry and emphasized how important it is to do hard work even when it's not rewarding since it elevates the division as a whole. "I headlined a WrestleMania. I have that experience. I headlined Raw. I headlined live events. When I came in, women didn't even main-event live events on a consistent basis. So to get in the ring with Xia Li, who hadn't even had a two-segment match to that point, it's really important."

However, "The Man" still believes she has many detractors, but again noted that she continues to elevate the industry and those in her locker room. "That's when I do my best work, when I'm overlooked and people doubt me. The division needs to grow. Now, I can give hopes and dreams to other people, too. Driving the business forward, that's what this is all about."