Backstage News On Whether Parker Boudreaux Is Still Signed With AEW

The Trustbusters were busted many months ago and his residency at the Mogul Embassy seems to be up, but Parker Boudreaux has found a way to stick around in AEW.

According to Fightful Select, former Trustbuster and Mogul Embassy member Parker Boudreaux is still signed with AEW, despite a lengthy absence. Boudreaux last wrestled in March of 2023, teaming with Swerve Strickland in a loss to Keith Lee and Dustin Rhodes. Boudreaux recently appeared in AAA, making it clear that he was going to be a longterm prospect in the company, reportedly done with AEW's blessing. Boudreaux is said to have a matter of months left on his contract but no prospects from AEW creative at the moment.

Boudreaux, as well as former Mogul Affiliates comrade Trench, were both injured for a lengthy spell last summer, with the specific nature of either injury never revealed. Trench's contract ran out during the injury hiatus, but Boudreaux is not only still under contract but is also reportedly in fine physical condition, hence the AAA appearance.

Both Trench and Boudreaux were two young stars that Strickland had said he wanted to mentor when the AEW World Championship Number One Contender said he was interested in shaping the future of professional wrestling. Initially a football player, Boudreaux had previously wrestled in WWE before his time in AEW, wrestling under the name "Harland," before being released.

Boudreaux heading to AAA with AEW's blessing is interesting, as AEW's relationship with AAA's rival promotion CMLL has deepened over the course of the past year, with the Blackpool Combat Club recently making a highly-anticipated appearance in CMLL recently.