WWE Star Becky Lynch Issues Further Comments On The Allegations Against Vince McMahon

WWE star Becky Lynch has talked about the sexual misconduct allegations against Vince McMahon, expressing how she saw only one side of McMahon.

"So those allegations are horrible," began Lynch in her recent interview with Ariel Helwani on "The MMA Hour." "It's so hard to listen to because that's not my experience. He was so good to me, and Vince had a genius about him. He was not the easiest to work with, but he had also lived an extremely interesting life in terms of what he built, so I like learning from him, I like talking to him, and he is responsible for all of the things in my life by building WWE."

The WWE star has had difficulty digesting the news about McMahon's allegations because of how he had treated her, stating that McMahon showed her respect in their time working together.

"We would've had some ups and downs but he was always good to me as a person and always treated me with respect and I felt like I had earned a lot of respect from him and he gave me a lot of respect. And then you're hearing this other side, which is not the person that I know, and that's really hard."

Lynch empathizes with the victims of McMahon's deviance and explains that there seem to be two sides to her former boss, with her bearing witness to the kind and respectful side.

"I hate that anybody experienced that in general, especially [from] somebody that has been very kind to me in my life, in my career. It's like two different people," added Lynch. "He's like a grandfather. I remember telling them that I was pregnant and how good he was to me and how happy he was for me and you think of that kindness that you felt. And then you have to hear about this other side and it's horrible. It's horrible to put those two people together."