WWE's Sami Zayn Discusses Triple H's 'Outside-The-Box' Creative

WWE star Sami Zayn has explained how a few things have changed in WWE's production of their shows since Triple H took over as creative head.

Zayn, in a recent appearance on the "Superstar Crossover" podcast, was asked about his recent interview segments with Jackie Redmond on WWE television, which was different from the traditional WWE interview segments. He explained that it may have been a Triple H idea. 

"I don't know, that might be a Triple H creative direction," revealed Zayn. "I think they're doing a lot, and you can actually see it in the production and some of the camera shots and all these things that we're doing. I think they're trying to really get outside the box lately and really let the people who are very, very talented — and I'm talking about behind the scenes, that's why they work here."

Zayn further added that the interviews in WWE have been more sports-oriented recently, and he also noted how they weaved Jackie Redmond into the story as she interviewed him several times.

"To answer your question about Jackie [Zayn's interview with Jackie Redmon], it is just like a new approach to interviews with different styles and things like that. Some of it's a little bit more sports-oriented. I thought it was pretty cool and I think it's also that I've interviewed with her not just the one week when we launched the story, but she's kind of been like a recurring thread, like, 'Okay, where are you at now? And then this happened, so where's your head now?' And it's kind of following the journey. I thought it was pretty cool," said Zayn.

Zayn on Vince McMahon using a particular formula for production

Sami Zayn praised those working behind the scenes in production and behind the camera, declaring how they're the best in the world at what they do. WWE has experimented with different camera shots and production techniques lately, especially after the departure of long-time WWE production head Kevin Dunn

Zayn added that the production crew has been given the freedom to try new things, which is showcased each week on WWE television. The former WWE Intercontinental Champion believes that WWE was confined to a particular formula under Vince McMahon and co., but has now begun to experiment with new ideas under the leadership of Triple H.

"We have some very talented people in production inside the truck, running cameras, I mean really just the top of the top," said Zayn. "And now I think they're just getting a little bit more room to explore because the box has kind of opened up a little. I don't know what it is, it's just that things under Vince for all those years, I think it was just like we found ourselves in a box because you find — but this is natural — when you find out what works you just do more of it and then you've accidentally created a little box of for yourself. These really narrow parameters. But it's because of success ... success starts to invariably discard what doesn't work and keep what does work. So that's why you end up with these rigid sort of boxes sometimes well."

Zayn also marveled at how the production crew sets up venues seamlessly and creates gigantic and spectacular sets each week.