Jack Perry Explains Meaning Of His 'Scapegoat' Nickname In NJPW

Jack Perry re-emerged on the pro wrestling scene in January at NJPW — which was his first appearance since the infamous night at AEW All In — and interestingly sported a "scapegoat" armband. The former FTW Champion has explained the reason for using that moniker, claiming that he's willing to take the blame for his past actions.

"I think it's ingrained in human nature to be afraid of blame, and the disapproval of others. At the end of the day, that's weakness," explained the NJPW and AEW star in an interview with NJPW. "That's a weak mindset, a weak soul. If you know the truth, what good is the opinion of other people? If you know the truth, you have power. I'm not shying away from the blame. If you need me to be the Scapegoat because you don't have the bravery to stand up for your own actions, then that's fine. I'm man enough to take that blame from all of us and I'm not going to shy away from it."

Perry had a backstage altercation with CM Punk at All In in London last year, which ultimately led to the latter's firing from AEW, while Perry was suspended indefinitely by AEW CEO Tony Khan. Recent reports had indicated that Perry was made a scapegoat following Punk's return to WWE at Survivor Series, which ultimately led to AEW scrapping plans for his return. He has reportedly claimed that he didn't apologize for his backstage fight with Punk. 

When he appeared in NJPW's Battle at the Valley in January, Perry also tore up his AEW contract, explaining later that it symbolized his independence from Tony Khan's promotion and his refusal to abide by their rules.

Khan, who addressed the Perry situation recently, used the "scapegoat" word in his response regarding Perry's AEW status. He also praised the former AEW World Tag Team Champion's work in Japan but didn't reveal details as to when fans can expect to see him in AEW.