Jake Roberts On What He'd Have Done As Vince McMahon At WWE Survivor Series 1997

27 years after Shawn Michaels legitimately synched in a Sharpshooter onto Bret Hart while Vince McMahon called for the bell at Survivor Series 1997, the infamous Montreal Screwjob continues to be talked about as if it happened yesterday. While some still debate whether the incident was a work or a shoot, others wonder whether the situation could've played out differently, either regarding the decision to screw Hart, who was set to leave WWE for WCW shortly, or how WWE went about in pulling off the screwjob.

The latter was the topic of discussion on the latest episode of "The Snake Pit," when AEW's Jake Roberts received a fan question asking what he would've done if he was in McMahon's shoes all those years ago. Assuming the plan was still to screw over Hart, Roberts, who was familiar with both Hart and Michaels from prior runs with them in Stampede Wrestling and WWE, came up with the idea to abandon the submission idea and have Michaels force a pinfall over Hart

"I would've told Shawn to take the f*****g belt," Roberts said. "F*****g right, hook him. All you got to do is hook him for three seconds."

That scenario did present a problem for Roberts' co-host Marcus DeAngelo, who wondered if Michaels would've been able to hook a pinfall for three seconds onto Hart, given Hart's reputation for being a shooter and his amateur wrestling background. Faced with that knowledge, Roberts himself admitted that he wasn't entirely sure if Michaels would've been able to hold Hart down that long.

"I'm not too confident either," Roberts said.

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