Mike Santana Gets Candid About Never Winning AEW Tag Team Titles With Ortiz

When the company formed, AEW set out to have the best tag team division in wrestling, and it only got bigger when Santana and Ortiz arrived at All Out 2019. However, the team, then known as Proud and Powerful, missed their chance to be champions. Now that the two men have fallen out and Santana has left the company, the former LAX members being AEW Tag Team Champions will always be a big 'what if?' However, according to Santana, there was talk of them becoming champions in 2020, but life got in the way, as he explained on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet

"It was right before the pandemic," Santana said. "We were ending our feud with The [Young] Bucks, and they both told us, 'Hey, after this, you're going to go and start working a program with Frankie [Kazarian] and Scorpio [Sky]. At the time, they were still champions...'And then you guys are going to grab the belts from them.' So that was the week of New Year's Eve, and then we were supposed to have a match New Year's Day and then start the program."

Sadly, Santana received a phone call on the same day that his father had passed away, which led to him stepping away from AEW for a few weeks. During that time, plans changed, and the team of Kenny Omega and 'Hangman' Adam Page eventually became champions. A few weeks after that, the COVID-19 pandemic arrived, and the chance for Santana and Ortiz to become champions was gone forever.

Please credit "Insight" when using quotes from this article, and give a h/t to Rllegends for the transcription.