Becky Lynch Crashes Rhea Ripley Interview, Has To Be Dragged Off Set Ahead Of WWE Raw

It's WrestleMania week, which means escalated intensity is to be expected ahead of WWE's "Showcase of the Immortals." Apparently, that stands for superstar appearances outside of WWE programming as well, as evidenced by a confrontation between Becky Lynch and WWE Women's World Champion Rhea Ripley today on "The MMA Hour."

In the middle of Ripley's interview with host Ariel Helwani, "The Man" started FaceTiming Helwani, which Ripley advised he ignore. Ultimately, Lynch kept calling and when Helwani finally answered, she informed him that she was right there outside the building. Ripley pointed out that this was just further evidence of her being under Lynch's skin, as when the latter was on Helwani's show, she didn't have to show up, but instead simply sent a video. Regardless, she gave her blessing toward Lynch's arrival and that's when things got fun.

Moments after Ripley said that, at WrestleMania, she wanted to see a fire out of Lynch that has been lacking of late, a riled up Lynch did in fact show up in the studio and immediately confronted Ripley, shoving her down into her chair and jawing at the champion about mentioning Lynch's daughter to get her attention. The adversaries jawed at each other with increasing fervor, including Lynch thanking Ripley for disclosing a wrist injury and saying, "I can't wait to break it," before security stepped in between the two and escorted Lynch out.

Helwani then directed his team to cut to break and when the show returned, Ripley was gone. Lynch posted shortly afterwards on X, "Thanks for giving me a target, Mami. I'm coming for your arm and the #WomensWorldTitle at WrestleMANia," to which Ripley responded, "You can f'n try."