Bully Ray Explains Why He Loved & Hated What Went Down When WWE Raw Went Off Air

This past Monday on "WWE Raw," The Rock beat Cody Rhodes with a belt in the pouring rain as the show went off the air. It was later revealed that The Rock continued the assault following the end of "Raw." On a recent "Busted Open Radio," Bully Ray said that parts of the controversial ending worked for him and parts didn't.

"They're trying to blur the lines, right? Now Rock keeps going, but if they yelled 'clear?' How come Cody didn't get up? It's a show," Bully exclaimed. "If this is a show and there's a script, the two guys involved in that scene would be totally fine in getting up. They missed a beat here."

Bully believes The Rock should've helped Cody up after the producer yelled "Clear!" and then taken Cody's face and smashed it into Rhodes's bus. Bully thinks Rock should've then delivered a beating that looked different from the beating at the end of "Raw," once again to signify that what fans were seeing was "real." Bully asks his co-host Mark Henry if he's ever thrown a punch harder than he should've in the name of enhancing a match, to which Henry responds in the affirmative. Ray also evokes the controversial finish to the 2016 match between Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton, which saw Lesnar cut Orton's forehead open with a stiff elbow strike.

"I wish they would've did that with Rock and Cody," Ray bemoaned. While Ray had many quibbles with the framing of the segment, there were things the WWE Hall of Famer enjoyed too.

"I love the physicality ... you just don't see it happen in WWE anymore," Ray said, pointing out that he wasn't as shocked by it as the fans. "You don't see that kind of heat anymore."