Former WWE Star Al Snow What Makes Pro Wrestling Different In Entertainment

Former WWE European Champion Al Snow has taken a vested interest in training the future generations of professional wrestlers. In a new interview with "Busted Open Radio," Snow explained the very specific way wrestling differs from other forms of entertainment.

"No matter what level you're on, it's always a never-ending build to build to a big moment," Snow said, which he feels makes professional wrestling unique. "From the moment you walk out from that curtain, you're doing anything you can to create a singular moment." 

Snow notes that the "moment" never lasts longer than a few seconds, referring to the end of the match or a story beat. 

"Even if you're on TV and you're doing what we call angles or storylines ... everything you're doing is to create moments that lead to one singular particular moment," Snow explained, cautioning that even after that final moment, wrestlers are still looking to the moment to come. 

He compared the moments — big and small — to the schedule of territory wrestlers, where each small town's moment was in service of the larger promotion's bigger moment, and vice versa. "It just keeps going and going and going and you're never satisfied and you're always afraid that if you don't go forward, you're gonna slide back."

According to Snow, this hectic outlook can make it hard for wrestlers to appreciate where they are in the moment. He also feels that much of the modern product is losing its handle on the fundamentals of professional wrestling, muddying the product.