Mark Henry & Bully Ray Discuss Impact Of WWE's Roman Reigns Documentary

WWE's "Tribal Chief" Roman Reigns has been one of the most dominating men in the industry over the last four years, resulting in many hating him for overcoming every obstacle. However, his recent WWE A&E Documentary has changed some opinions, which might be an issue according to Mark Henry and Bully Ray on "Busted Open Radio." Henry explained that while the documentary was good, it garnered a bit too much sympathy for Reigns. "Yeah, I think the documentary gave too much of a level of babyface feel."

Adding to this, Bully pointed out how human emotion will definitely play a factor in how fans perceive the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion going forward. "When you hear the struggle of Joe Anoa'i'a and what he goes through to this day with his leukemia, and still having to take medication, and that at any time he can be compromised — how in the world do you not feel sympathetic for that man and what he is doing for us in the world of pro wrestling?"

Bully suggested there could be a reason why the documentary aired so close to WrestleMania, and that it could have something to do with a feud between Reigns and The Rock. "Maybe coming out of WrestleMania, if The Rock stays around with this Rock "Final Boss" character going well, maybe they do put the title on Cody and they fire up The Rock versus Roman for one year and they want Roman to be the babyface?"

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