Kevin Nash Reacts To Blood Spot At The End Of Recent Episode Of WWE Raw

The Rock's brutal beatdown of Cody Rhodes at the end of last week's "WWE Raw" sent shockwaves through the industry, and may have just set a standard for the promotion going forward after years of not showcasing blood on television. WWE veteran Kevin Nash recently commented on the angle during an episode of "Kliq This," and gave his opinion on whether the spot worked or not. According to Nash, the blood added to the segment. "I liked it. I thought it was great. I love the fact that they got color — that Cody got color."

The return of blood to WWE has been a hot topic since the beatdown last week, as well as the other segments prior to it pushing the limit when it came to language. Many believe this could be due to WWE's deal with Netflix, as they'll likely be able to return to grittier programming next year once "Raw" makes the move from USA to the streaming platform.

Due to Rock's TKO Board membership seemingly playing a role in the Netflix deal, some believe he could be leveraging his status to get certain ideas through that would normally be rejected. In another episode of "Kliq This," Nash also commented on this. According to the veteran, it would be questionable for a board member to go after WWE gold, but jokingly suggested that he would now have one up on "The Tribal Chief" this way.

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