Matt Hardy Looks Back On WWE Return At WrestleMania 33

Matt Hardy's future may be uncertain, with an AEW contract offer on the table for him as his current deal expires. But that isn't stopping Hardy from taking this WrestleMania weekend to reflect on the past, particularly when it comes to one of his favorite moments at WrestleMania 33, when he and Jeff Hardy returned to the company to win the WWE Tag Team Championships.

In an interview with "WrestleZone," Hardy reflected on that milestone moment, which he referred to several times as "surreal."

"It was so exhilarating and intoxicating in so many ways," Hardy said. "The legitimacy of the surprise was there in the venue. Like, there were some people speculating we were there, but no one knew we were going to be there. We already had such an insane weekend already, signing a couple of days at WrestleCon, we worked the Lucha Bros. on Friday night, we wrestled the Young Bucks in a 30 minute ladder match the night before. I don't think a lot of people legitimately thought we were going to show up and be there."

Aside from the surprise, part of what made the moment so surreal to Hardy was seeing the WrestleMania crowd chanting "DELETE!," a chant Hardy started during his run in TNA. The surprise of fans being aware of his run there, despite TNA's lack of visibility at the time, makes the moment standout differently than others.

"Whenever I think of that moment, in my mind, it's not a vivid memory like some of them," Hardy said. "Everytime I revisit this moment, it's almost like there's fuzz around the outside, like it's a dream sequence. It almost feels like a dream that you had that was actually part of your reality. So it was a very surreal moment."

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