WWE Star Becky Lynch Comments On Recent Visit To The White House

It's not often that the President of the United States invites you to their house, but that's exactly what happened to WWE star Becky Lynch recently, as she was invited to The White House on St. Patrick's Day as one of Ireland's most recognizable figures. Lynch was not only representing Ireland and WWE, but she was also there to help promote her new book, with Lynch posting a picture of her memoir on the bookshelf in The White House library.

Speaking with Adrian Hernandez, Lynch was asked what her experience in The White House was like, and also if she took anything as a keepsake. Lynch explained that while she didn't take anything, she did leave something behind for President Biden to remember her by. "They gave me a little glass but I didn't take it," Lynch said. "I did leave something there, I left my book on the bookshelf in the library. But it was so cool, it was very cool like walking around the place thinking of all the history that has happened in there. It was really fascinating, real fascinating place to be."

Following her visit to The White House, Lynch announced that she was officially becoming an American Citizen, as she has lived in the United States full-time since joining WWE in 2013. Lynch has been on an extensive media tour in recent weeks to promote both her book, and her upcoming match with Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania 40, which she hopes will end with her leaving Philadelphia as the new WWE Women's World Champion. However, given the amount of hostility between the two in recent weeks, both in and outside the ring, Lynch and Ripley might not be able to wait until WrestleMania 40.

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