WWE's Becky Lynch Discusses The Writing Process Behind Her New Memoir

WWE star Becky Lynch is many things. She's a multi-time world champion, she's a mother, and she's also an author. Her new book "The Man: Not Your Average Average Girl" has hit shelves across the world, and a number of people are beginning to see a different side to 'The Man," as she has detailed everything from main-eventing WrestleMania, to the struggles of becoming a parent for the first time.

Speaking with Adrian Hernandez, Lynch explained that she really enjoyed the process of writing the book, and that she actually worked better when she was given a deadline rather than all the time in the world. "The thing with wrestling is like you think of a promo, you have to write a promo, or you have to have a match, but we're going live in like two hours. So you've got to have something, something has to come out of your mouth, so I love that pressure because you're sitting there going 'what do I do? What do I want to say here?' and you're like 'well I've got to go out there so I have to write something.'"

Lynch explained that five weeks before its release, she wasn't happy with the draft she had produced and started again. In that time, she felt as if she did her best work because she was under so much pressure, admitting that she was writing the book on planes to and from events, and even in the park with her daughter. Lynch also credited her husband Seth Rollins for being so supportive throughout the writing process, as he was able to pick up some of the slack left by her due to being so focused on getting her memoir finished.

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