Bully Ray Predicts Surprising Implication From WWE's Roman Reigns Documentary

It's a big weekend for Roman Reigns' run as Undisputed WWE Universal Champion; not only will he team with The Rock to face Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins at Night One of WrestleMania 40, but he'll defend his title once more against Rhodes on the main event of Night Two. There's been plenty of spotlight on Reigns beforehand, however, as WWE profiled him this past week with an A&E biography.

Having tuned into the documentary, Bully Ray came away from it with a very interesting viewpoint. It's a viewpoint he shared Wednesday on "Busted Open Radio," stating his belief that the documentary may have given a glimpse into Reigns' WWE future.

"I think, I could be wrong here...but I think the placement of this Roman documentary last week, they're going to turn Roman babyface," Bully said. "I think Rock is going to be the heel, and they're going to Rock-Roman, obviously at [WrestleMania] 41."

The documentary was only one factor to Bully's theory, who also believes that Reigns will receive a strong reception at the WWE Hall of Fame, where he'll induct Paul Heyman, which will further cement him for a potential babyface run coming out of WrestleMania.

"Now you've got Roman inducting Paul," Bully said. "Roman is going to say a lot of great things about Paul. Roman is going to [get]...what I believe, is going to get a great reaction. So the documentary, Roman inducting Paul, now we get to the match. If The Rock were to do anything to Roman where he shows disappointment to Roman, because he loses. Or the next night on 'Raw,' if Rock shows disappointment...if they go in that direction, it's going to be very easy for the people to go 'Boom! Rock heel, Roman babyface.'"

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