WWE's CM Punk Gets Candid About Former AEW Champ MJF

During his run with AEW, CM Punk had quite the high-profile feud with MJF that both wrestlers and fans praised online. Speaking with Ariel Helwani on "The MMA Hour," Punk looked back at the feud and gave his honest opinion on Friedman. When it came to their feud, Punk didn't have much to say, but put it above everything he did in AEW.

"I think it's head and shoulders above everything else." Helwani then pointed out that Punk has been noticeably absent from X (formerly Twitter), and in response, the veteran revealed he deleted the app and called it a "cesspool." "There's this really small niche audience that seems to like constantly be rooting for my downfall." Interestingly, Punk even sympathized with those who dislike him. "I get it, I say what's on my mind, I'm abrasive, I'm honest — a lot of people don't like honesty." He then spoke on Friedman again and pointed out the only time he believes the star wasn't great. "‌I think MJF is great and I think where he wasn't great is where he catered to that small niche internet audience."

Lastly, Punk spoke about the legacy of AEW, and noted that while his definitions of success have changed a lot since his indie days, he doesn't think the promotion is going away anytime soon. "I think it's always going to exist as long as Tony wants to put money in it." However, he warned those who prioritized five-star match ratings over a full arena. "If you're more happy with some goof saying that you had a five-star match and the building's a quarter full? We're not in the same business."

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