SmackDown GM Nick Aldis Gets Candid About WWE 'Phenomenon' Logan Paul

Logan Paul might be a divisive online figure, but his transition into the world of wrestling has impressed many due to how athletic he is, and so far his tenure has awarded him a run with the WWE United States Championship. Speaking with "Gabby AF," Nick Aldis commented on how well Paul has performed in wrestling, and the massive audience he brings to the product.

"He's a phenomenon, because we've had a lot of celebrities, we've had a lot of outsiders, but no one's ever delivered like Logan Paul, period," Aldis proclaimed. Additionally, he compared Paul to Bad Bunny, but noted that the US Champion dove head-first into wrestling. "Shout out to Shane Helms for really being his main coach." Aldis also expressed hope for the younger stars on the WWE roster to take advantage of the likes of Paul and The Rock, who both boast considerable social media followings.

"So, if you're someone who is just looking to absolutely maximize your opportunity and to just make an impression on them? This is money in the bank that's going to start acquiring interest next year because the retention of those fans? They become your fans." The "WWE SmackDown" General Manager then explained that these stars will benefit down the line by taking advantage of the buzz that Paul and Rock bring, and that he counts himself amongst them too. "One day it will be their turn to bring in the audience with them, and allow someone else to capture the imagination. The opportunities that exist right now for LA Knight, Austin Theory? And to a smaller extent, me."

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