Becky Lynch Discusses Balancing Motherhood With WWE Career

Aside from being a professional wrestler and author, Becky Lynch is also a proud mother. In a recent interview with "SHAK Wrestling," Lynch opened up about the sometimes challenging task of balancing motherhood with her full-time wrestling career.

"If you want to go and have a child and never come back [to wrestling] then that's your prerogative. You can do that too, because it is hard to balance the two. But I couldn't accept that I couldn't get to have both in my life, that I'd have to choose one or the other," Lynch said. "I've gotten to have both, and it's amazing and it's incredibly rewarding. Is it tough at times? Absolutely. But does it put things into perspective? Absolutely. And so I think in many ways it makes work sometimes more enjoyable because one, it's your 'you time.' It's that reminder of who you were before, because when you're a mother, your parents, you change. Your whole world changes. And so it's nice to have that little bit of yourself that you had before."

Prior to the birth of her first child, Lynch revealed that she took inspiration from fellow wrestler and mother Mickie James. Between WWE and TNA Wrestling, James had collected a number of championships. In 2014, though, James took some time off the road to care for her then newborn son, Donovan. Two months after giving birth, James returned to in-ring action, and eventually returned to WWE in November 2016.

Fueled by curiosity and amazement, Lynch approached James to find out her secret to balancing her role as a WWE performer with her role as a parent. Years after speaking with James, Lynch ventured down a similar path, as she welcomed her daughter Roux into the world in December 2020.

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