WWE Star Cody Rhodes Opens Up About His Pre-Match Ritual

After a long lead-up, WWE is finally poised to take over the "City of Brotherly Love" for WrestleMania 40 weekend. Part of the final promotional push included a stop at the "Today" show, where Cody Rhodes appeared clad in one of his trademark suits to hype the two-night event where he's slated to headline both evenings. During the segment, Rhodes was asked if he had any pre-match rituals, to which he had a somewhat surprising answer. 

"I bite down on a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup," Rhodes said. "I was told that it makes the veins come out when you're out there, and you want to look your most jacked. I don't know if it actually does."

Some simple internet sleuthing found that Reese's Cups don't appear to offer any practical athletic advantages, but it's the kind of endearing quirk WWE fans have come to expect from Rhodes. "Today" show stagehands then appeared with a platter of unwrapped Reese's Cups to present to "The American Nightmare."

"What happens, too — and I'm gonna get into this big cup right here — what happens is it just gets on your teeth, and then you're more mad about that," Rhodes joked. "But I'm going to get into this, is that okay?" Rhodes and the "Today" show hosts then enjoyed a Reese's cup to end the lighthearted segment. 

Just like there's no wrong way to eat a Reese's, Rhodes is set to prove there's no wrong way to beat Roman Reigns at WrestleMania, just as long as the belt comes home with him. Rhodes will team with Seth Rollins to face The Rock and Roman Reigns on Night 1 before returning for Night 2 to face Reigns in singles action for the WWE Universal Championship.