WWE Star CM Punk Discusses Tribalism In Professional Wrestling

CM Punk has always been a polarizing figure — something which the veteran has never shied away from. During his AEW tenure, his alteraction with The Elite sparked up incredible moments of wrestling tribalism. In his recent interview with Ariel Helwani on "The MMA Hour," Punk addressed the tribalism from WWE as well as hardcore AEW fans' opinions of him.

Punk recalled having to cut ties with many from WWE when he originally left in 2014, largely due to tribalism from those still signed to the promotion. 

"I had to draw a line somewhere, and there were people that I didn't talk to because I couldn't trust if I said something it wasn't going back to them –- people who were suing me -– it just was a s**t situation that I wouldn't wish on anybody," said the former AEW star.

He understands the reason for the tribalism but criticized how personal some become. Punk noted how some are "ride or die" fans when it comes to AEW and understands their love for the product. 

"I understand fans and the tribalism, but some of the s**t was just so outlandish ... Talking like about my dog and all this awful stuff," said "The Second City Saint." "Okay, then, let's just call it a truce. You go ahead and believe I'm this big evil man and I do all these awful horrible things that people have made up and reported; just leave me the f**k alone."

While his time with AEW eventually soured, Punk claims he doesn't regret his tenure with the promotion.  "I hope they're happy, I know I am, and I would like to kinda leave it at that," Punk said. 

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