Video: WWE WrestleMania 40 Set Officially Revealed

Gone are the days of the swinging arches of the Backlash set, the electric chair of the King of the Ring set, and whatever scaffold company forgot to collect their stuff at Judgment Day 2003. WWE's stages have become a lot more minimal ever since the dawn of the HD era. LED screens and lights are all the rage right now for WWE's TV shows and Premium Live Events, but when it comes to WrestleMania, the company has to go the extra mile.

Night 1 of WrestleMania 40 doesn't kick off until tomorrow, but fans planning on attending in person or watching from home got a taste of what to expect from a spectacle standpoint as WWE revealed what the WrestleMania stage looks like on X (formerly Twitter). Kayla Braxton and Jackie Redmond were on hand to introduce The Ninja Kidz, a family friendly group of YouTubers who have over 21 million subscribers on the platform. The YouTubers performed a small routine that led to the stage being revealed.

The stage comes equipped with its fair share of LED screens and lights as expected, but since it's WrestleMania, WWE has made sure to live up to XL numerals that come with the event being the 40th in the company's history. A giant X and L are on either side of the very long entrance ramp, while the WrestleMania writing sits above the large LED set up in a similar fashion to how the WrestleMania 31 stage was constructed in 2015. WWE has also made sure to include something everyone associates with Philadelphia, The Liberty Bell. While it might not be a physical part of the set, the screen that sits right in the middle of the set up features a moving Liberty Bell graphic that features the WWE logo.