Jim Cornette Shares Hot Take On Issues Between WWE Star CM Punk & Colt Cabana, AEW

While it's been close to two years since things between CM Punk and AEW began to go awry, everything was unearthed yet again when Punk broke his silence on some of the events surrounding his firing from the company. Naturally, Jim Cornette had a lot to say about everything on "Jim Cornette's Drive Thru," where he shared his latest hot take. Cornette looked back at how Colt Cabana was central when it came to many of the issues related to Punk, and that there seemed to have been problems from the start. "Now that you've got this Golden Goose — from the start there were already the rumblings."

Building from this, Cornette suggested AEW should have simply done whatever Punk wanted. "I don't care if CM Punk walked in the first day after signing his contract and said 'I would like to see Colt Cabana disemboweled in the middle of the f***ing ring tonight at 5 o'clock.' They should've done it! 'Cause who the f**k is Colt Cabana? Good God!"

The promo between "Hangman" Adam Page and Punk ahead of their title match is also seen as the catalyst for more of the issues between "The Second City Saint" and the AEW locker room. Cornette also touched on this and again criticized Page for what he attempted to do on television. "You don't understand what he's f**king talking about, and the guy was not talented enough verbally to make any of it make sense in any context!

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