Why WWE Star Cody Rhodes Is 'Shocked' About His Relationship With Triple H

Outside of not being able to "finish his story" to date, in capturing the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship, it's hard to argue against Cody Rhodes' return to WWE as being anything but outstanding, both for him and for the company. Some of his antics in his time away, however, made it seem like that might never happen. In his appearance on "The MMA Hour," Rhodes was asked about his relationship with Paul "Triple H" Levesque by host Ariel Helwani, and Rhodes responded by describing Levesque as "an incredible guide [and] mentor."

"I'm shocked to say that [things with Levesque are great]," Rhodes indicated, before pausing. "I guess I'm not shocked [but] I never anticipated when we did the breaking of the throne, I think I said, 'pissant bodybuilder' at one point, all in the spirit of trash talk in sports entertainment."

The throne-breaking, of course, came at AEW's first pay-per-view event, Double Or Nothing, in 2018, symbolizing that Rhodes could become so much more than what he was in his first WWE run. He's proven that and then some, now possibly on the precipice of dethroning Roman Reigns as the top guy in the industry-leading company. Still, there was no guarantee he and Levesque would find themselves on the same team, let alone the same page, after some of the shots that were fired.

"We take this stuff personally," Rhodes said. "It gets under our skin." But the two are very much on the same page after all, despite any hard feelings that may have once existed. "He really had no reason to take care of me and he has just been an incredible guide [and] and incredible mentor. If I was to continue [in pro wrestling after he retires] and it was in a backstage environment, I'd like to perhaps follow in those footsteps."