US Express Close Out WWE Hall Of Fame Induction Speech With Tribute To Bray Wyatt

The US Express are now officially WWE Hall of Famers, as Mike Rotunda and Barry Windham were inducted during the 2024 ceremony Friday night. Rotunda's children and Windham's niece and nephew, Mika and Taylor (who performed in WWE under the monikers of Bo Dallas and Uncle Howdy) not only honored their father and uncle, but their late brother Windham Rotunda (better known to fans as Bray Wyatt) who unexpectedly died in August of last year.

"[He] should also be standing on this stage with us tonight," Taylor said. "He may not be on this stage, but we know he's here."

"Quite frankly, there would be no Windham Rotunda without Barry Windham and Mike Rotunda," Mika added.

Following Taylor and Mika's subsequent introduction of The US Express, Rotunda and Windham reflected on their early days in the wrestling business before they began tagging. They recalled being put together as a team by fellow WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes, and Barry introducing Mike to his sister Stephanie before they married one another shortly after.

"I would just like to say that I wish our son Windham could've been here. He would've liked to see his old man go into the Hall of Fame, so in honor of Windham, please join us," Mike said, holding up a phone with the flashlight turned on.

Fireflies lit up throughout the crowd once more as Windham's music from his time as The Fiend echoed through the Wells Fargo Center in both a touching and tear jerking moment to close out the induction.