Oba Femi Survives Monstrous NXT North American Title Triple Threat At Stand & Deliver

Oba Femi retained his "WWE NXT" North American Championship in a brutal triple threat battle against Dijak and Josh Briggs at "NXT" Stand & Deliver. In the battle of the big men, Dijak and Briggs went right for the champion to kick off the match, but both were taken off their feet and sent backward. Dijak and Briggs attempted to team up to take Femi off his feet throughout the match, even both going for the pin on the champion at one point.

The match quickly spilled to the outside of the ring, and Dijak sent Femi into a rolling chair from behind the announcer's desk. Dijak went to the top rope, but Briggs was able to grab him by the throat and send him flying into Femi and both crashed to the floor. From then on, the challengers did their best to keep Femi out of the ring. In the biggest spot of the match, Dijak had Briggs across his shoulders as he attempted to climb to the top rope, but was interrupted by Femi, who snuck up behind Dijak and hoisted both men on his shoulders, and stood in the middle of the ring for a few moments before dropping them in impressive fashion.

After a battle in the ring between the challengers that saw Dijak hit multiple Feast Your Eyes, he went to cover Briggs. The champion picked up Dijak by the neck, and power bombed him onto Briggs. Femi covered Briggs for the win to retain his North American Championship.