Thea Hail Taps Out Izzy Dame, Wins Six-Woman Tag Match At WWE NXT Stand & Deliver

While she may not have been able to get the decision over her friend-turned-rival Jacy Jayne, Thea Hail led her team to victory by slapping a Kimura Lock onto Izzy Dame and forcing her to tap out at "NXT" Stand and Deliver. The ever-exuberant Hail forced the submission on Dame to go one-up on her former Chase U confidant but left enough room for their feud to continue a bit further. The win for Hail, Fallon Henley, and Kelani Jordan wasn't all roses, however, as Fallon showed a hint of disappointment in the end while Hail and Jordan celebrated.

The match began with the heel side (Jayne, Dame, and Kiana James) getting the jump on the babyfaces, attacking them as they completed their entrance. Hail's trademark energy turned the tides for her side with a cross-body to Dame from the top rope before forcibly removing Jayne from the ring. Perhaps that excitement of hers should have been dialed back just a tad, however, as her follow-up attempt to smash Jayne with an aerial attack instead connect with Chase U's Riley Osborne, temporarily giving Jayne and company a chance to recover.

Ultimately, the injured Jazmyn Nyx looked as though she was going to be the X-factor in the match, taking out Jordan on the arena floor outside of the referee's view while Hail and Jayne looked to go tete-a-tete inside the ropes. With the upper hand, Jayne tagged in Dame who immediately had to defend a Tornado DDT from Hail, and did so successfully, but her efforts went for naught when Hail countered into the Kimura to seal the match for her side.