Melo Misses: Trick Williams Whoops Carmelo Hayes In WWE NXT Stand & Deliver Main Event

The "Whoop that Trick" chants never quite left the Wells Fargo Center as Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams clashed in the coveted main event spot at "NXT" Stand & Deliver. With nothing to lose and everything to prove, Williams fought through his former best friend and ended the first premium live event of WrestleMania weekend standing tall as a Philadelphia crowd of over 16,000 blew off the roof above him.

The match started ordinarily enough, but soon devolved into sheer chaos as Hayes and Williams' vitriol spilled out of the ropes of the ring and into the crowd. The Philadelphia crowd sang their "whoop that trick" song as the two wrestlers — the first two Black men to main event an "NXT" premium live event — engaged in a back and forth contest that saw multiple referees, a "relaxed ruleset" from General Manager Ava, and a gratuitous amount of chair shots and low blows from both men.

Things began to unravel for Hayes when Williams shockingly kicked out of Nothing But Net. Hayes desperately attempted to use a chair to even the odds, but not before the referee wrenched it from his hands. Williams used the opening to land a Trick Knee onto his former friend, and one three count later, Williams had his hand raised in front of his home town.

Emotions were bound to overflow during this very personal encounter. Hayes and Williams are best known for their partnership, "Trick Melo Gang", which lasted from Williams' debut in 2021 up until Vengeance Day 2023. Hayes betrayed Williams following his loss to "NXT" Champion Ilja Dragunov, citing Williams' meteoric rise to stardom and subsequent disrespect as the motivation for his actions. Where both men will go after this very personal feud is unclear — both Hayes and Williams have made appearances on "WWE SmackDown", with the former wrestling a few matches on the blue brand before returning to "NXT" full-time to pursue the white-hot feud between himself and Williams.