Seth Rollins Explains His 'Unprofessional' Reaction To CM Punk Returning To WWE

CM Punk's return to WWE during last year's Survivor Series came as a shock to many fans, but those who were in the ring at the time seemed the most taken aback by it all, especially Seth Rollins. During a recent interview with Cathy Kelley at "WWE World," Rollins explained why he was upset by Punk's return at the event.

When looking back at the moment, Rollins identified that he's never been more unprofessional in his life. He then likened it to how Cody Rhodes must feel about The Rock. "I love WWE, right? And for me, we're all family. I'm talking about everybody in the back, all the way from Triple H to every single person out here. And when you have family, you protect your family from outsiders who only have self-interest in mind." Despite this, Rollins acknowledges that some people are diehard fans of Punk, and consider him their hero and martyr. "CM Punk left this place a decade ago and every single day that he was gone he tried to actively tear apart WWE. And for me? That was like taking shots at my family. I protect my family and I stand up for my people. "

Rollins again commented on his reaction at Survivor Series, recalling how Punk took many shots at WWE in his lengthy absence. "And what you saw at Survivor Series in real time was me experiencing a traitor coming into my house and try to tear it apart and how I felt about that. It was as raw and real as I have ever been. I don't like CM Punk and I never will."

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