WWE Star Cody Rhodes Offers Detailed Account Of Tour Bus Catching Fire

Cody Rhodes has confirmed he was unharmed after his tour bus caught fire earlier this week. Rhodes took to X on Friday to reveal that the tour bus burst into flames in the early hours of the morning, assuring that everyone was safe and that he had saved two items that would excite fans. He revealed what those items were during his appearance on the "Pat McAfee Show" live in Philadelphia, as well as detailing how the fire started. 

"Last night, 1 AM, laying in bed, all of a sudden, loud bang at the side of my bus. Thought it was a gunshot, climbed up, next thing I know my bus driver yells, 'We gotta get off this bus it's on fire!'" said Rhodes. "It didn't burn to a crisp but it was up in a big fireball for a moment. I'm here this morning, non-flinching, I grabbed two things off my bus when I thought this is the end — I grab a photo of my daughter and wife, and my WrestleMania boots. There ain't nobody here who is more ready for WrestleMania than me. We got a lot of stuff out of there, thankful for that." 

There was an added caveat to Rhodes' tour bus inferno, "Here's the only thing, the suits that I wear will — you know, there's a smell off of them." If ever there was a week not to have such a bad omen, it would be this week for Rhodes. He enters tonight's WrestleMania Night 1 alongside Seth Rollins against The Rock and Roman Reigns, a match with severe implications to Rhodes' challenging of Reigns for the Universal Title at WrestleMania Night 2. Regardless of tonight's result, Rhodes will be hoping to undo his loss at WrestleMania 39 when he meets Reigns in their rematch.