Bayley Beats IYO SKY For WWE Women's Title At WrestleMania 40 While Philadelphia Sings

Rocking a new haircut and entering to a new theme song, Bayley hit the WrestleMania 40 stage ready to take care of business and win the WWE women's title. Amid chants of "Hey, Bayley! Ooh! Aah!" she was able to capture her fourth world championship, defeating IYO SKY after an elbow drop that would make "Macho Man" Randy Savage proud and possibly the best-looking Rose Plant of all time.

Early in the match, Bayley was favoring her right knee after a dive to the outside gone awry, and SKY took advantage, working the leg throughout the match. Oddly, SKY's Damage CTRL mates only accompanied her onto the WrestleMania stage and not to the ring, nor did they reappear at any point; perhaps that was a choice she'll come to regret as her title reign is now a thing of the past.

After a series of varietal suplexes from Bayley, SKY locked in a crossface multiple times, but the challenger was able to avoid tapping out. Bayley then attempted a Rose Plant, to which SKY masterfully countered into a flip to the corner, but Bayley was able to regain the upper hand with a monstrous clothesline. From there, she ascended the ropes and landed the Savage-esque elbow, followed by the Rose Plant to secure the win and become new WWE Women's Champion as Philadelphia erupted around her.