The Rock Names WWE Stars He Thinks Come Close To Him On The Mic

Since his return to WWE, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has cut some scathing promos targeting the likes of Cody Rhodes, his mother, whom The Rock has referred to as "Mama Rhodes," and Seth Rollins. Throughout history, "The Great One" has been known as a force to be reckoned with on the microphone.

The Rock spoke to "Fox News," ahead of his night one victory alongside cousin Roman Reigns, about who he thinks can match his mic skills. The Rock laughed and said the "Final Boss's" answer would be "no one," but there are a few who he thinks are great.

"I feel like CM Punk is great on the mic. I feel like Cody Rhodes is great on the mic too as well. Seth Rollins," The Rock said. "Paul Heyman, another guy that's great on the mic. I will say this. I grew up in the world of wrestling. What made, I believe, the wrestlers of the '70s and '80s have this unique style is that in their promos there was this belief because it was a fact and it was true. If you didn't get over, if you didn't get over on the microphone, you weren't going to eat. You weren't going to pay your bills. It was that simple."

The Rock put down the microphone on Saturday and teamed up with Reigns to take on Rollins and Rhodes after weeks of everything from backstage brawls to whippings with a weight belt. He was good on his word, however, pinning Rhodes for the win. The Bloodline's victory set up the stipulation for night two, where Reigns took on Rhodes for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship and lost the title to "The American Nightmare." Despite The Bloodline's major loss on night 2 of WrestleMania 40, The Rock teased more matches in the future when he appeared at WWE's press conference after night 1 of "The Show of Shows."