WWE Hall Of Famer Rob Van Dam Recalls Frustration About Aspect Of Feud With Kane

With his match against AEW's Swerve Strickland, Rob Van Dam has reappeared in the mainstream wrestling scene recently. Now the ECW legend and WWE Hall of Famer is pulling back the curtain on one of WWE's most unconventional storylines. While fans may look back fondly at the days of RVD and Kane's bizarre pairing/fallout in 2003, Van Dam spoke on his podcast, "1 of a Kind With RVD," about a particular segment that led to one of his worst days on the job. 

"You just made me think of this horrible day for me, when Kane had me tied up and set me on fire," Van Dam told his co-host. "And oh my God, I just could not reach Bruce Prichard's standards of being scared and in fear. They wanted me to scream like I'm a f****n' scream princess in a horror movie...They kept being like (Bruce Prichard impression) cut! It's the s***s."

The "whole damn show" followed up by saying he can look back and laugh about it today and holds no ill-will against Prichard. The same goes for the Big Red Machine, as Van Dam noted that he loved working with Kane, but felt it wasn't the best move for his character.

"Kane was awesome. Great dude, I liked tagging with him. It was a lot of fun. But during that whole time where he turned on me, took his mask off and stuff – for me, I just felt like a whipping boy, or you know, like food. Let me put it that way. I didn't feel like they were doing much with me and Rob Van Dam's direction in the company at that point."