WWE's Damian Priest Details Journey From Being Homeless To World Heavyweight Champion

The second night of WWE WrestleMania 40 was quite eventful, with one of the show's main developments involving Damian Priest and the Money in the Bank briefcase. Following Drew McIntyre's hard-fought victory over Seth Rollins to open the show, Priest made a sudden appearance and, following an incidental assist from CM Punk, cashed in his contract in a matter of seconds. After the show, Priest spoke at the WWE press conference and discussed the journey he has been on over the last decade.

"About 10 years ago, I was homeless," Priest said. "[Now I'm] sitting in front of you as the World Heavyweight Champion in the WWE. Nobody thought I would be on this stage, and I even doubted myself. Then I decided, one day to the next, just what am I doing with my life?"

Priest came to a realization that only his own actions could change the outcome of his future. If anybody was going to make his dream of becoming a successful pro wrestler come true, it was going to be him.

"I'm the example for people who don't know, or they're not sure, if they can achieve something," Priest continued. "If I did it, literally anybody can achieve their stuff. ... There were points that I had no business being here. But [if] you bust your ass and you do everything in a positive way, I truly, truly believe there's nothing you can't achieve."

Growing visibly emotional, Priest shared that he is proud of his major career accomplishment. Before leaving for the night, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion said he hopes his story can serve as inspiration for fans who have something they want to achieve in their personal lives.