Damian Priest Claims New WWE Era Is Doing Things 'Attitude Era Would've Dreamed Of'

Damian Priest is now the WWE World Heavyweight Champion as the company enters a new era. Drew McIntyre defeated Seth Rollins in the opening contest of WrestleMania 40 Night Two, but he was attacked by CM Punk after the match, giving Priest the chance to cash in the contract he has held since July 2023. There is a new wave of momentum running through WWE right now, with some people, including Cody Rhodes, nicknaming the current time period "The Renaissance Era." At the WrestleMania 40 post-show press conference, Priest said that the current period is doing things the famed Attitude Era never could.

"Where we are going, where we are headed, I have no idea," Priest said. "This new era in the company. Everybody can feel it, everybody can sense it, we are on a roller coaster, man, we don't know where we're heading. But this ride? It's going to take a minute; we are cooking right now. Obviously, all of our sellouts, the business we are doing, the amount of eyeballs that are on the company, I mean, this is the hottest the business has ever been. Everybody obviously likes to compare us to the Attitude Era. We are doing some things the Attitude Era would have dreamed of, and I'm proud to be one of the figureheads right now."

Priest explained that by being the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, he has solidified himself as one of the people looking to lead the company into a new era. As such, the Judgment Day member feels incredibly proud and humbled to be in such a big position.

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