Booker T Hopes This AEW Star Is The Next Big Thing

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has seen his fair share of talent during his lengthy career, and he seems to have high hopes for someone in AEW who has a sense of royalty about them. While speaking on his "Hall of Fame" podcast, Booker was asked what he thought of Queen Aminata, a woman he knows well as she has performed for Booker's Reality of Wrestling promotion in the past. Booker explained that he thinks the ceiling is high for Aminata if AEW gives her enough shine.

"I think she's a talent," Booker said. "I think if put in the right situation, she could grow and that's the thing, it's hard for to really weigh in on it because she's coming into AEW and I've noticed every time a female, a new female come into AEW, they get a spotlight on them for a second and then that spotlight goes away." 

Booker used AEW star Ruby Soho and current WWE Superstar Jade Cargill as examples of women who have wrestled in AEW that didn't have a consistent shine on them. He hopes this won't happen to Aminata as he hopes she comes out of AEW and ROH smelling like a rose, like he did when he was a king.

Aminata officially signed with AEW in February 2024 after a string of strong performances on both AEW and ROH TV. She even came close to winning her first piece of gold in ROH at the Supercard of Honor event on April 5. Still, she was defeated by Billie Starkz in the tournament final to crown the first-ever ROH Women's World Television Champion.

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