WWE HOFer Eric Bischoff Describes The Difficulty Of Working With Creative People

It's no secret that running a major wrestling promotion is hard, having to manage a long list of big personalities while planning several weekly TV shows. Eric Bischoff knows that tension first-hand, having played a key role behind the scenes in WCW during the 1990s. Speaking on a recent episode of "83 Weeks — Wise Choices," Bischoff explained where a lot of the difficulty comes from.

"Creative people, in general, are a lot harder to manage than non-creative people," Bischoff said. "Their brains work a little differently. They're not as organized, generally not as disciplined, not as focused. ... They get distracted very easily by bright, shiny objects. I'm one of those guys. I know that feeling."

Bischoff stated that he is aware of the fact that he can have difficulty focusing, which just means he has to make more of an effort to stay on track. The former WCW executive brought up the "right brain, left brain" argument, positing that different sides of the brain govern creativity and logic. However, that argument has been largely disproven by modern science.

"Managing wrestling talent in particular can be very challenging, just like it can be challenging managing rock and roll bands, or actresses and actors, or probably freaking ballerinas — I don't know," Bischoff continued.

Knowing how difficult the job of running a wrestling promotion can be, Bischoff said that he has some sympathy for AEW CEO Tony Khan. However, that hasn't held him back from criticizing the promotion often, with Bischoff stating earlier this year that he'd "rather chew off [his] arm" than watch two hours of AEW television.

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