WWE's Kevin Owens Comments On WrestleMania 40 Match And Logan Paul

Kevin Owens recently faced off against both Randy Orton and Logan Paul, in a Triple Threat match for the WWE United States Championship. While both Owens and Orton fell short, in a recent appearance on the "Busted Open Radio," the former WWE Universal Champion commented on the chance to work beside "The Viper" as the end of a trilogy of WrestleMania moments.

"Being in the ring with Stone Cold, winning the title with Sami against The Usos, and then last night being in the ring with Randy Orton," Owens rattled off. He recalled watching Orton while he was growing up and that he's admired "The Viper" since then, making it a thrilling experience to step into the ring with the legend. 

"Randy at WrestleMania? That's mind-blowing, you know? There was another guy there too, last night," Owens said, jokingly refusing to acknowledge the US Champion. "I don't really remember much about him but Randy was really something."

Following his little jab at Paul, Owens reluctantly praised the influencer and concluded that he does respect the world of pro wrestling despite his shortcomings. 

"You can't take that away from him, and as dislikable, and annoying, and repulsive, and aggravating [as he is]," Owens continued, "you can't take away the fact that he really does give his all when he's here. He wants to make anything he does in the ring memorable and he really does respect what we do."

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