Video: See Paul Heyman Backstage Preparing For WWE Hall Of Fame Induction

WrestleMania weekend may not have ended the way Paul Heyman wanted it to end after he watched his client, Roman Reigns, fall at the hands of Cody Rhodes, putting a close to Reigns' three-and-a-half-year reign as Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. Until then, it had been all positives for the Bloodline's "Wiseman," who was inducted by Reigns into the WWE Hall of Fame on Friday night, receiving the honor in Philadelphia, where Heyman gained infamy as the promoter of ECW decades ago.

Even before Heyman headlined WWE's 2024 Hall of Fame class, however, the cameras were rolling. On Wednesday morning, WWE posted a nearly seven-and-a-half-minute video following Heyman around the day of his Hall of Fame induction.

"It's not my night," Heyman said at the start of the video. "It's just an audition to be invited back tomorrow. And looking at it any other way, and you're not following the wisdom of the 'Wiseman.'"

From there, Heyman's journey showed him interacting with Reigns and The Undertaker, reminiscing about his days in Philadelphia, and sharing a hug with fellow WWE Hall of Famer Madusa, who was a member of Heyman's Dangerous Alliance stable in WCW. The video also included parts of Heyman's Hall of Fame speech, and Heyman receiving congratulations from Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, The Rock, and CM Punk. Afterward, Heyman took a moment to reflect on the moment.

"[If] they liked it, [then] I liked it," Heyman said, referring to the fan reaction to his speech. "If it works, it works, if it doesn't, it doesn't. If they're into it, I'm into it. And if nothing else, I embarrassed my kids. And now, I hope I passed the audition and I'm ready tomorrow. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen."