Triple H Discusses Who's Responsible For WWE's New Era

Fans have already coined the current era of WWE as the "Renaissance Era" due to the shift in narrative and presentation with Paul "Triple H" Levesque at the helm of the promotion. During the WWE WrestleMania Press Conference, Levesque commented on how responsible he is for the new shift.

"It's not my era, it's our era. When I say 'our' I mean everybody in WWE," Levesque said. He then thanked all those involved with getting WWE to the point where it is today. "The people that endured, the people that hung in there, the people that trusted, the people that – over the last year – gave their sweat and tears to get to where we are." Levesque then noted how he and everyone else involved in wrestling all started from the same place with a love for wrestling. 

"We wanted to do it and work our a**es off at it and make a product that [fans] could all enjoy," he said. "When people are throwing my name at the top of it? It's their era every bit as much as mine; I can't do this without all of them."

The current era of WWE should also be attributed to two other men according to Levesque, Lee Fitting and Nick Khan. He then explained how crucial Fitting has been to WWE production. 

"Man, [Fitting is] all in, and for me, he's the kind of guy that I want to go to work for," Levesque gushed. Fitting had previously worked in college sports before he joined WWE.

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