WWE's Big E On Suggesting The New Day Find New Member To Replace Him

Former WWE Champion Big E was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated ahead of Wrestlemania 40, where he discussed the neck injury that he suffered two years ago, as well as the possibility of being replaced in "The New Day" due to the amount of time he's been away from the ring. Big E explained that it was his recommendation to find a new member for the group, but his longtime tag team partners Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods wouldn't allow it. 

"I said to the boys, 'I've been out for two years — if you want to find a new partner, I understand,'" said Big E. "They very quickly shut that down. I'm proud of what they're doing. Kofi is in [his] 40's, and he's still doing his thing. They're building a legacy, and I'm extremely proud of them. And I'm proud to still be a member of The New Day." Big E also went into detail about practicing gratitude throughout the process of suffering a broken neck, specifically now that he is feeling much healthier and focusing on his well-being going into his 40s and 50s. The 12-time tag team champion made clear that he's no longer remunerating about the past, and that he's more preoccupied with being thankful for the present.

"I'm grateful that I am healthy, mentally and physically," I'm not one to spend a lot of time thinking about the past. More than anything, I'm grateful. There is no room for bitterness. That wouldn't change anything. It wouldn't unbreak my neck. I'm too busy being grateful in the present. I appreciate people caring and rooting for me." Big E didn't end up featuring at WrestleMania 40, but Kingston and Woods did themselves participate in the Six-Pack Ladder Match for both sets of WWE Tag Team Championships.