Video: Thunder Rosa Has A Message For AEW Dynasty Opponent Toni Storm

After a year and a half journey back from injury, Thunder Rosa is closer than ever to regaining the AEW Women's World Championship, finding herself the #1 contender for the title after defeating Mariah May on "AEW Dynamite" one week ago. Naturally, the champion, "Timeless" Toni Storm, is a bit threatened by that, which came through last night on "AEW Dynamite" when she surprise attacked Rosa, throwing a glass of champagne in her face and rubbing off Rosa's trademark face paint.

To the surprise of no one, Rosa isn't taking the attack lying down. In a social media exclusive video posted an hour after "Dynamite's" conclusion, Rosa was found staring into a mirror in her locker room. With her face paint smeared, Rosa accused Storm of trying to embarrass, disrespect, and harass her on "Dynamite," but seemed oddly nonplussed by it, reminding Storm she had been in the business long enough to know that Storm's actions showed that Rosa was "living rent free" in Storm's head.

Growing a bit more manic by the second, Rosa told Storm she couldn't disrespect her, pointing to her previous run as AEW Women's World Champion, a title she never lost, as proof. Turning to the camera, Rosa vowed to get the championship back at AEW Dynasty and asked Storm if she was afraid. Frantically wiping the rest of her face paint off, Rosa declared that if Storm was afraid of a Thunder Rosa with face paint, she should be frightened even more by a Thunder Rosa without it.