Jeff Jarrett Compares Emotional Wins From ROH Supercard Of Honor, WWE WrestleMania 40

Last weekend was full of emotional victories in professional wrestling, with the most notable being Cody Rhodes prevailing over Roman Reigns at WWE WrestleMania 40. A few days before that, on Friday night, Mark Briscoe captured the ROH World Championship with a win over Eddie Kingston at ROH Supercard of Honor. Following the death of Mark's brother Jay Briscoe in 2023, the victory meant all the more. AEW star Jeff Jarrett, speaking on "My World," discussed the resonance of Briscoe's big win.

"The emotional bandwidth that ... [Mark] carried with him is just powerful," Jarrett said. "How can you not hear about or watch that story and not just have a real feel-good moment? ... The Ring of Honor brand had [as equal] a feel-good moment, to me, as the WWE brand. ... It is a story that you could not script."

Jarrett pointed out that the Briscoe story is rooted in tragedy with the death of Jay last year. However, the reality of what Mark has been through made his world title win even more emotional than it already would have been.

"It's obviously a night that many, many folks will never forget," Jarrett continued. "It was special, special, special."

Over the last several years, Jarrett has been teaming up with Jay Lethal, a close friend of the Briscoe Brothers. Since Mark was brought into AEW following Jay's death, Jarrett and Lethal have worked with Briscoe a number of times and witnessed his win on Friday first-hand. The late Jay Briscoe captured the ROH World Championship for the first time on April 5, 2013. Exactly 11 years later, his brother Mark held up that same championship in celebration after a hard-fought win.

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