AEW Sets Forbidden Door 3 Venue

AEW's partnership with NJPW has not only allowed many stars to jump between both promotions, but ever since 2022, the two companies have been hosting the joint pay-per-view AEW x NJPW: Forbidden Door. On X today, NJPW officially announced the next venue for the major event. Initially a play on the often-used term, "Forbidden Door," to describe how impossible it would be for stars to crossover, the event has now become quite the spectacle for those involved. While the event is yet to be held on Japanese soil, it looks like this year the Forbidden Door will open in Long Island, New York.

"Forbidden Door returns June 30! The UBS Arena on Long Island hosts #ForbiddenDoor in 2024! Stay tuned for much more information to come.... #AEWxNJPW," NJPW's post reads. A report recently noted that original plans to hold Forbidden Door 2024 at Arthur Ashe Stadium were canceled, which is why NJPW made the aforementioned announcement. The report alleged that the reasoning behind the venue change was still unknown, but there were claims made by Fightful earlier that it was due to a disagreement between the promotions, with NJPW not wanting to put money up for securing Arthur Ashe. However, Rocky Romero quickly denied these reports on X, and considering his position in both promotions, his word carries weight.

At this stage, Forbidden Door is still too far away for any matches to have been confirmed. However, considering that Long Island will be the venue this year, could absent AEW star MJF make a return or at least be involved somehow? Only time will tell, but fans still have quite some time left to ponder.