ECW Legend Sabu Offers Simple Explanation For No-Showing Indie Wrestling Hall Of Fame

While the WWE Hall of Fame's Class of 2024 took up most of the headlines during WrestleMania weekend, it wasn't the only Hall of Fame ceremony that took place. On Sunday, GCW held the third annual Independent Wrestling Hall of Fame ceremony, which featured likes of the late Trent Acid, Steve Corino, AEW/ROH star Mercedes Martinez, Eddie Gilbert, the Briscoes, and ECW legend Sabu. There was just one problem regarding Sabu's induction; he was nowhere to be found.

Shortly after the Hall of Fame ceremony began, GCW promoter Brett Lauderdale announced on X that Sabu had decided not to attend the ceremony, though he did keep the deposit he was paid for the honor. Lauderdale declared that Sabu simply decided not to leave the WrestleCon convention and take the elevator upstairs to attend the ceremony, but didn't appear too upset about it, saying Sabu's actions were "in the true spirit of independent wrestling," while referring to the ECW legend as a "badass."

As to why Sabu didn't feel like attending the Hall of Fame ceremony, the answer became clear a few days later. When an X user posted about the story on Wednesday evening, asking why Sabu wasn't at the Hall of Fame and pondering if Lauderdale's story was "fake news," Sabu responded by saying he didn't attend because he "changed his mind."

Lauderdale would then put the issue to bed by responding to Sabu's tweet, reiterating that despite the no-show, he still held the "suicidal, homicidal, genocidal" hardcore legend in high regard as a person and as a wrestler. The GCW owner further stated that Sabu's work in ECW during the 1990s "changed the game," and noted that many of his favorite moments in wrestling involved Sabu.